The First 70

This is heartbreakingly sad! Growing up my summer vacations were spent camping in California parks, and California needs all the natural greenery it can manage to hold on to. I hope these places don’t get developed with track homes or filled with toxic waste. If anyone wants to take a minute to see what they can do click here or here for some options. If you’re looking for where to go on for a summer vacation any of these places would be cheap and beautiful experiences, and a great way to support them.
More links here:
Cal Parks
A list of the 70 parks they are closing.

2 Responses to “The First 70”

  1. roberta jane Says:

    there are some really great parks on the closure list. specifically seems like the bay area is losing a lot. too bad.

  2. Christina Says:

    The newest update is that the parks are sparred until 2014 but need donations to maintain.

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