Midsummer Nights Crafts

Lili Cuzor Tigers to Lilies Midsummer Nights Crafts Shelter Half LA workshops

If you’re in LA you can’t miss this! My dear friend Lili is organizing several amazing craft nights at Shelter Half in LA starting this week. Go and check them out and sign up here! I wish I could be at all of them! They are all hosted by incredibly talented ladies with amazing skills. Krissy of Color Plantae is a natural dye master, and she collaborates with Thvm often. Lili of Tigers to Lilies is a photographer and floral artist wizard who I’ve written about many times. Brit Browne I’ve yet to meet but she taught this workshop that looked like such an incredibly nice time at Beatrice’s place, and is an indigo expert. Beautiful illustration above by Lauren of Spencer Studio.

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  1. lili Says:

    thank you so much for posting this Cheri! you are still, always will be, my muse. you better know this*

    XO lili

  2. Angela Says:

    Yay I am going to the indigo dye class! Very exited.

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