Jean Renoir's The River

Jean Renoir The River

This week I watched a beautiful film by the genius Jean Renoir. Definitely my favorite film of his. Set in India, the perfect place for his first film in color, it is the story of 3 young girls coming of age. A story told in a way that anyone can relate to, and what great colors and scenery! The colors are AMAZING, the culture is amazing and it is so beautifully shot. This 1951 film is based on the novel by Rumer Godden, and is completely enchanting and such a beautiful way to explore another country and it’s culture. Check out a clip of the film showing the Diwali festival here

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  1. ATTW Says:

    This is one Renoir flim that I can never get into…it probably has great cinematography, but the flow of the story & acting are very mechanical.

    Anyway, your blog has great colors…its nice & friendly.

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