Vox Humana by Rodarte

Rodarte Vox Humana film SHOWstudio Jenny Lewis Griffin

As part of a series called Future Tense created by SHOWstudio, Vox Humana is Rodarte’s contribution in collaboration with filmmaker Griffin, and featuring Jenny Lewis. It is a “Lynchian, dystopian vision of Los Angeles with a menacing twist.

’Vox Humana’- Latin for ‘Human Voice’ – examines this decidedly sinister side of their design ethos. Featuring one of the sisters’ signature (and suitably distressed) ‘slasher’ dresses in plucked and laddered mohair, a setting straight from their Californian hometown and a melancholy soundtrack sung by their grandmother in the 1940s, Vox Humana is a resolutely personal creation. Nevertheless, as with their painstakingly handwrought creations, it represents a new aesthetic with major global impact.” –SHOWstudio
Watch it here.

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  1. r Says:

    amazing. loved the stills u used from this. this definitely feels like the future of showcasing fashion.. loved it!

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