Dosa LA
Dosa LA
Dosa LA

Went to visit this amazing shop with my dream team of friends in LA. What a magical place! Full of overwhelmingly beautiful inspiration. Owner Christina Kim has curated such a beautiful gallery-like space in her downtown loft. We all couldn’t help taking a million photos of this super inspiring space.

2 Responses to “Dosa”

  1. lauren Says:

    it’s like a breath of fresh air seeing these
    what a FUN day that was
    and such a beautiful space
    the photo of us all taking photos is hilarious, and sums up i think what we were all feeling looking around that space! inspired!


  2. tigrelili Says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics Cheri!

    makes me think of our amazing field trip that day! we all left so inspiring and so lifted! i second what lauren says and especially love the pic of the three of us all taking pics! hilarious!

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