Some Much needed Sun

Cheri Messerli Scout Holiday blog California

Cheri Messerli Scout Holiday blog California

My recent trip to California for the winter was exactly what I needed, some much needed SUN!
I miss my community of amazing friends there, their enthusiasm and energy is infectious and inspiring, and I left feeling complete again. As always it’s hard to return to the cold and grey, even if in a beautiful city like Paris.

I have so much to share from California so we will be back tracking a bit here and there but all good things worth sharing I think!

3 Responses to “Some Much needed Sun”

  1. claire Says:

    i love all of these photos so much cheri!

  2. lili Says:

    i hope that you know how much of your energy is a part of us, cheri. truly.

  3. christine Says:

    where is the pink geometric notebook from? it’s so great!

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