A Really Nice Day

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On my last day in LA, Claire, Lili, Lauren and I had a craft day together, where we were also joined by the wonderful Leigh of Synonym Journal. All I can say is that it was such a nice day and exactly what I needed. These girls are the best and I feel so lucky to know them.

We had a beautiful lunch in Claire’s backyard, and then took inspiration from a book Claire picked up in Paris and did some printmaking with fruits, vegetables, seeds, leaves and more. I left LA that day so inspired but with a heavy heart having to leave behind this beautiful collective of dear friends.

Can’t you just feel the sun in these photos?

8 Responses to “A Really Nice Day”

  1. lili Says:

    oh cheri, yes!! i can feel the sun and more importantly, i can feel the emotions that were felt that day! it was such a beautiful day full of creativity, laughs, sunshine and camaraderie. I can quite certainly say that everyone felt all of this. what a BEAUTIFUL post! thank you for sharing!! here’s to some sunshine your way! XOXO tigrelili

  2. claire Says:

    cheri! this was such a wonderful day! i am also missing our collective. we must all reconvene very soon. perhaps we all meet in marfa?! kind of in between austin, la and paris. well not really, but it would be so nice! the colors in your photos are so good! you captured our sunny afternoon so well 🙂 we miss you here in la. truffle waves a furry paw xx

  3. curate the day Says:

    The colors are gorgeous, it looks like a wonderful afternoon. I am going to try fruit printmaking with my girls. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. ally Says:

    i like those cauliflower prints.. What interesting texture!

  5. Michelle Says:

    This is a lovely post. It *would* be great to do this with small people but actually I love the idea of printing alongside friends as you did, chatting about whatever and making art together.

  6. Marion Says:

    you should organize the same kind of craft workshop in Paris !

  7. Angela Says:

    That looks like so much fun! I love the colors of the paint together with the vegetables.

  8. lauren Says:


    i sure miss you sweet Cheri!!
    what a beautiful post!
    this day was full of such beauty… both the loveliness of the LA sunshine mixed with our creativity and kinship, and the feeling of being in the present moment, being grateful for each other and the specialness of the day, and sadness about you not living here in LA. all swirled together.

    i miss you!
    move back

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