Custom Concern: Lavender Bicycle

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I’m so excited that I have finally completed customizing my bike. It took a long time to get it to happen. It was an old metallic olive green women’s Motobecane and now it’s a finally a silvery lavender.
This was quite a process to get it a different color and then rebuilt. It had to be stripped of parts and then of paint. I had to find a paint genius who could match the color in my head, which I did! Ray from Ray’s Auto Paint in Los Angeles is a color genius. I then had to figure out how to paint it which did not end up being possible until I came to LA, all the auto shops in nyc that I contacted said they were “amused but too busy” to paint a bike. So I ordered a spray gun, used my Dad’s air compressor, and using a pretty serious air mask David painted it for me. Then we took it over to Tony who is a crazy bike expert and he rebuilt it and gave me a good deal. It’s been a long and slow process so I decided to share this in case anyone out there was dreaming of a bike in a particular color like me. It took a lot of friends to make this happen so thank you to Dan from the Arm, Ray, Tony from Chicago Bikes and most of all David.

7 Responses to “Custom Concern: Lavender Bicycle”

  1. duskin Says:

    love it! i did a repainting myself once, and it came out ok, but nothing like this!

  2. Feaverish Says:

    Wow, looks great! I love those old Mixte frames.

  3. carlotta Says:

    wow i can finally comment here ! I second feaverish on the Mixte frames you have a lovely looking bike. i just love this blog, i have been following for more than a year and you are such a inspiration, so thankyou!

  4. carolyn Says:

    It’s so beautiful!

  5. lola is beauty Says:

    this is so helpful! I have an old Triumph bicycle that’s about 60 years old that needs repainting, new tyres, everything really. It’s living in my friend’s basement at the moment so you’ve inspired me to get on the case with getting help to renovate it…

  6. melly Says:

    are those little flags on your wheels?

  7. Diana Says:

    I really like the color combination – lavender with brown saddle and handlebars is what I have been looking for in my next bike! Could you tell me the details about this lavender color so I can try to find it?

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