Acne Bianchi Bikes

Acne Jeans bikes

Acne Jeans has collaborated with Bianchi on some very beautiful racing bikes based on the old Pista model. Leave it to Acne to leave me once again dreaming of beautiful bikes when I have just completed my own.
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6 Responses to “Acne Bianchi Bikes”

  1. capuccino b. Says:

    all of the are so cool and so cute:)


  2. capuccino b. Says:

    sorry, all of them*

  3. The Lil Bee Says:

    These are awesome…love the leather bicycle seat!

  4. duskin Says:

    another beautiful post/image.

  5. kara - all things ordinary Says:

    i hadnt heard about this – rad! i wish they werent fixed gear though…

  6. Christopher spencer Says:

    I love how simple & beautiful these bicycles are, the make my heart melt <3

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