Little Gift Guide

Scout Holiday little gift guide
See Saw letterpress 2009 calendar

A bit last minute but here are some small gift ideas that I thought I’d share. Not quite as extravagant as my very selfish wishlist but I am mostly making gifts this year and like to look for little things to go along with those gifts. These little wood elephant bottle openers are amazing, my favorite Postalco notebooks available from South Willard, Tortoise and Auto, Juniper Ridge California Bay Laurel soap smells like trees! I love it and it’s actually made of trees and all natural ingredients, I have also seen it for sale at Mothers Markets so you might find it there and avoid shipping, this little box is just interesting and would make a great little lunch box, a lovely little print from Fifi Lapin, colorful rock soap, a Honey in the Rough knotted headband, and the easiest gift to give is Papabubble, it’s really amazing how they get the letters so small in this amazing candy, I miss stopping in there to say hello to those guys. I also received a very cute letterpressed calendar from SeeSaw letterpress, and I love the colors and linear layout of it, it’s a very sweet gift.

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  1. Raquel Raney Says:

    thanks for posting our calendar and linking to us.

  2. Abbey Goes Design Scouting Says:

    Holy Crap — I LOVE your blog. This is great!

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