Built-in Miniature Worlds


The table pictured in the image above with a “stone-slab top has a geographically correct depiction of the Amazon River carved into it, a pump providing a flow of water and a cluster of succulent plants thriving on top,” and the steel cabinet below has a mechanical toy train that runs in the tracks carved into the slab. Both pieces were designed by Wolfgang Laubersheimer. I wish all furniture could be this subtlety interesting and entertaining.
The Wolfgang Laubersheimer’s Amazonas desk and steel cabinet are on view at the “German Avant Garde Design of the 1980s” show at Demisch Danant gallery in New York until December 20th.
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2 Responses to “Built-in Miniature Worlds”

  1. josephine Says:

    wow! i’m loving the desk, a really gorgeous representation. i guess if i can’t travel there to see it in all it’s splendor, this could be the next best thing?

  2. Pan Holiday Says:

    That’s so much fun, imagine working on that table…
    I always love miniature, many of my work is a miniature things (well, it’s a jewelry)
    love to show your sometime..
    I always be a fan of your blog.


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