Fritz Haeg’s Domestic Integrities

Fritz Haeg

Fritz Haeg is an artist I came across at the LA Art Book Fair this year. He does the most incredible experience installations. I was particularly inspired by his recent Domestic Integrities installation at MOMA where participants could bring in old clothing or textiles and weave them into a giant communal rug.
His installations which seem to often feature some food, and a communal activity are slightly reminiscent of Mark Borthwick performances I’ve seen, in that they both provide an experience, and a particular atmosphere, along with calming nourishment. I love what the premise of the installation is all about:
MoMA Studio: Common Senses is a multisensory environment at the intersection of education, design, and art that aims to foster our evolving relationships with nature, technology, and our everyday surroundings through community interactions and creative play. A series of drop-in activities, workshops, and ongoing projects for audiences of all ages integrates components such as light, nature, food, textiles, games, and technology.
The rug continues to grow and evolve with new experiences as it travels to become part of new installations in places around the globe.
See more on Domestic Integrities here.

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  1. tigrelili Says:

    C! i LOVE your new look for your blog! it feels fresh 😉 parfait pour le printemps!

    XXX tigrelili

  2. emily Says:

    fritz is my brother! so glad you found him and his work. i adore this project too, obviously…….xx

  3. cheri Says:

    Oh how funny! what a talented and creative family

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