Paris part I

Scout Holiday Paris photos by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Paris photos by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Paris photos by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Paris photos by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Paris photos by Cheri Messerli

I had never stayed in Paris in the winter before and I loved seeing all the different bûche de Noël cakes in nearly every bakery that were so intricately decorated.
One of my favorite places to eat at is Rose Bakery and the new one in the Marais is just as wonderful as the Monmartre location, I even spotted Garance Doré while I was having lunch there, and she was of course dressed impeccably well. If you go try the curry parsnip soup it’s delicious! I hope there is a second cookbook coming out because there are so many new things I have had there that I would love to have the recipe for.
I took Paris Breakfasts’ recommendation and avoided the main Ladurée shops and went instead to the location inside Printemps and discovered on the roof there is a cafe and the most amazing view up there, especially at sunset, a great place to take some amazing photos. I also couldn’t help taking photos of some really beautiful shops in the Palais Royal and the Yohji Yamamoto shop, which is right around the corner from Pierre Hermé.

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  1. Ana Laura Says:

    I really like these images, specially the one of the window of Acne with the shadows of those threes at the top.
    I really enjoy this blog, remember the first time i came here i saw the whole archive at once, couldnt resist.
    Much love

  2. Mouse Says:

    Can you tell us more about the upside-down bookcase? I love it!

  3. Cheri Says:

    Thank you so much! I wish I knew more about the upside-down bookcase but it was just something I passed by it was inside of an office of some sort.

  4. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    OH I’ve never been to that cafe on top of Printemps!
    A la prochaine bien sur
    And now I want to go for Xmas to see all the buche de noel
    Was that a notable patisserie or just one of the everyday..?
    Your pics are GREAT!!

  5. Cheri Says:

    I didn’t have anything at the cafe but the view is incredible! You can see the eiffel tower and the Sacré-Cœur! I saw the Bûche de Noël’s in so many places and each place seemed to have their own style of decorations, little mushrooms and gnomes, trees and presents… There were mini individual size ones in different colors. This was just an everyday place called La Fougasse in the Marais, they also had the best chaussons aux pommes I have ever had! And living near Balthazar in NY I had a few too many.
    I like the story behind the Bûche de Noël that I found on Wikipedia: “One popular story behind the creation of this dessert is that Napoleon I of France issued a proclamation requiring households in Paris to keep their chimneys closed during the winter, based on the notion that cold air caused medical problems. This prevented Parisians from being able to use their fireplaces, and, thus, prevented them from engaging in many of the traditions surrounding and involving the hearth in French Christmas tradition. French bakers, according to the theory, invented this dessert as a symbolic replacement around which the family could gather for story-telling and other holiday merriment.”

  6. nikole Says:

    oh, it looks perfect
    i think i’ll have to go next year!

  7. juli Says:

    your paris posts make me want to leave on a jet plane right now!

  8. Roberta Jane Says:

    Love your blog! Paris looks amazing, I need to go back!

    P.S. I think we went to grade school together???

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