in shades of white

Yoko Omori So-En Magazine

beautiful styling by Yoko Omori

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  1. missmilki Says:

    Those are gorgeous! What magazine does it come from?

  2. Ana Laura Says:

    Hi Cheri,
    First of all thanks a lot for the post about my collages (i tried finding an email address but couldnt, i also left a note at Facebook).
    Than id like to ask about some books you post about at the book section of your site, they were about collage and they were japanese and iu believe they included work by Yoko Omori as well.
    How are they called? any clue as to where i can find them?
    Much love and thanks again

  3. sonny Says:

    Hi, you still in New York ?
    I’ll be there next week, would you like to meet up ?



  4. Cheri Says:

    These are from So-En magazine, and those books Ana are all from Kinokuniya in NY, you can order from them and they have locations all over the world. I’ll send you the titles.
    my email is:

    Hi, Sonny, I wish I was going to be in New York next week to meet up but I am in LA until this summer, and then off to the UK. missing fashion week/month for a while..

  5. elvis robertson Says:

    Ahh, I’m so pleased you posted this. Your posts are always so well-selected and beautiful. Yoko Omori is the most incredible stylist, but sadly it’s so hard to get hold of any of the publications. Does anyone know how I could buy any of them online from here in the UK?

  6. alexandra Says:

    Hi darling,
    I left you a blog award…you can check it out on my blog! xx

  7. Belén Says:

    Good selection!

  8. Juicy treats Says:

    Lovely pictures.
    Also wanted to say that I love your blog,
    found it about a year ago.
    Just started a blog myself, and if you wouldn’t mind
    I would like to hear your thoughts
    about it.

  9. Oh! Nena Says:

    We are 3 girls from venezuela and always read yours
    beautiful work
    check out ours

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