Domino's last beautiful apartment

Michael Bargo nyc apartment Domino's last issue

I don’t understand why, when everyone loves this magazine, it would go under versus all the other magazine that could have folded instead! I have to say I am pretty annoyed that my subscription lasts longer than this, however, at least the last issue had something to keep me looking back at it. Michael Bargo’s latest apartment has me longing to be back in New York, ridding my life of clutter in order to fit into such small spaces.. Love the curved leather couch and the dark black shelving in the kitchen closet!

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  1. lola is beauty Says:

    sniiifffff! Still waiting for my last issue to make its way across the seas. I know, why couldn’t they have killed one of their many boring crappy magazines instead?

  2. Angelina Says:

    Yes, I agree. I’ll miss it!

  3. plaidout Says:

    Domino, RIP. Michael Bargo, on the other hand, lives on!

    Your blog is beautiful! Keep up the great work.

    ~ Max

  4. karen Says:

    Such a shame about domino.

    On a somewhat related note, I always love how your scans from magazines take on a vintage photo quality. To me, it’s better than the original glossy.

  5. catherine Says:

    yes I found the fold surprising (and very disappointing too). I, however, got a refund last month, only finding out this was the case on enquiry. Have they not refunded your balance? Might be worth checking.

  6. Michelle Parks McCourt Says:

    I will miss Domino – what a great read.

  7. sarah Says:

    i loved this spread too. How is he only 25 and buying 18th century antiques though??

  8. LauraKitty Says:

    Gorgeous! I wish my New York apartment had that much amazing light…

  9. This Time Now Says:

    On my way back to Paris I saw the last issue for Domino with Ines de la Fressange on the cover. What a great way to end it all with one of the chicest women of France! Visiting my mother I have the pleasure of leafing through all my old Domino’s, After Domino, the flood…of mediocrity.

    This Time Now

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