CM for Colette at The Selby Shop

the Selby shop exhibition at Colette

Scout Holiday Flag Pins by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Flag pin by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Flag Necklaces by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Flag Necklace by Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday Flags by Cheri Messerli

I’m very excited to be a part of the Selby shop at Colette!! I’ll be there for the opening and am selling some of my flag pins and necklaces. They are handpainted fabric and leather, get ’em while they last!! If you’re in Paris be sure to come by and check it out!

*****UPDATE: The necklaces are available on the Colette Selby Web shop, for some reason they photographed a bit dark but they are the same colorful ones shown here and for some other reason are listed under David’s name instead of mine… Check back here for an update on my online shop coming soon!

21 Responses to “CM for Colette at The Selby Shop”

  1. Nidhi Says:

    those are beautiful! and so amazing to be part of the selby and colette!!

  2. Julia Says:

    Oh I read about the Selby show at Collette on the W website just he other day. Your necklaces are special– nothing like them I have seen. Wish I were in Paris!

  3. Natalie Says:

    Hi Cheri! Long time no see. Just found your site. So lovely!! These necklaces are great. Hope all is well.

  4. christie Says:

    super cute necklaces! i love pennants.

  5. katie Says:

    your flag necklaces are adorable! is there anyway to purchase them online or from you directly? if so, how much?!

  6. M A RY Says:

    flag pin. yes, please. oh please. did i tell you that i moved? guess who’s my upstairs neighbor? selby!

  7. Susanna-Cole Says:

    Oh I love your necklaces, they’re clever and edgy, but beautiful too! Sadly, I’m no where near Paris. 🙁


  8. Une chicette à Paris Says:

    How cute!! I will definitely look for them!!


  9. Ana Laura Says:

    The necklaces look so pretty!
    Love the colour palette of the first one.
    Much luck in Paris
    Au revoir!

  10. Thibault — Wool and the Gang Says:

    WOOW !
    Love your pins !!
    I’ll be at the opening tomorrow, hope to see there !

  11. Daniela Barbosa Says:

    Hi cheri! I must say that I love your necklaces.
    Will there be a way to order them via a website?
    Have fun in Paris!

    Bon voyage, fille jolie!

  12. wecouldgrowup2gether Says:

    the necklace is

  13. parisbreakfasts Says:

    I have seen them IN PARIS @ COLETTE and they are just as wonderful if not moreso in the flesh…
    GREAT to meet you Cherri enfin!
    Have a ball
    xx carolg

  14. Roberta Jane Says:

    Congrats, I love the necklaces!

  15. leti Says:

    I love these!

  16. Cheri Says:

    I’m working on getting them on my site soon! so anyone who is interested please stay tunned.
    thank you so much for all the nice and encouraging comments!

  17. madi Says:

    wow cheri this is so exciting! i can’t wait for you to get them on your site! totally kickin myself for not staying in paris a little longer… 🙂

  18. Karl hab Says:

    the selby show at colette here


  19. emily Says:

    i need one of those necklaces!!! do you have an online shop?

  20. Carisse Says:

    Love your necklaces! Any ways how to purchase them online?

  21. cheri Says:

    yes on etsy here

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