Merci Charity shop Paris

Merci Charity shop Paris

Merci is the new charity shop that just opened in Paris, started by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen who started Bonpoint. I had the pleasure of meeting Marie-France while I was there. It is such a beautiful shop and a huge and amazing space with 2 cafes, a flower shop, an incredible used book store, housewares, beautiful clothes both vintage and new, artwork + more.. Whitle I’m not exactly sure how it functions as a charity shop, it’s definitely worth seeing if you are there. Thank you to be-pĂ´les, (who designed all the graphics for Merci) for introducing us to this place.
see more pics here.

5 Responses to “merci”

  1. lola is beauty Says:

    I can’t wait to go there – it’s such a good idea – more like a brainwave really.

  2. susie_bubble Says:

    Damn I should have paid Merci a visit yesterday…. one to add to the address book…

  3. tommy Says:

    This came just in time! A Paris trip is on the cards sometime this summer and I’ll definitely try to visit Merci.

  4. Olivia Says:

    Oh no! I visited Paris this summer and did not know of this shop. But hey! A reason to return asap. (one of the many!)

  5. Lab Diamond Says:

    Hmm. A vacation in Paris would seem to be a great idea these days. Maybe I should too.

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