Lionel Estève

Lionel Esteve artwork Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin Paris

Lionel Esteve artwork Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin Paris

Thanks to Julie, when I was in Paris I discovered the work of artist Lionel Estève, with colorful flipbooks, electrostatic charges, colorful intricately made lotus flowers, and lace leaves, his work is surprising and imaginative with small interesting details.
Lionel Estève “How to Lie”
Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
10 impasse Saint Claude Paris
on view until May 16th.

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  1. janel Says:

    i love the hues of the pictures! they look so dashing and awesome (:

  2. belen Says:

    I love your blog, a lot of inspiration and interesting things!

  3. nancy Says:

    lovely. cool how one super event leads to meeting interesting people etc…love that part of life!

  4. Amrita Says:

    I love your blog. Your images are so inspiring. Do you buy a lot of these books or find these pictures online? Keep up the good work!

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