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I’m off doing some summer scouting for a project. Why don’t girl scout’s dress like this anymore? What happened to the cute uniforms? I never was a girl scout when I was younger, or a brownie either, but I always loved the uniforms. Now they just wear sweat pants or something awful like that. What happened! Why is this country turning more and more things into what I refer to as “the sweatpants of_____(fill in the blank with anything that make’s it overly easy to be a slob)” I think they need to take some tips from my friend Phyllis and her troop and step it up a bit. Nature girls don’t have to look like they just crawled out of the back woods.
summer fashion scoutholiday i-D magazine

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  1. nicolette Says:

    haha, its so true! gabrielle and i were both, and had to wear those proper uniforms every week, as it should be! love troop beverly hills also!

  2. sarah Says:

    oh god, this is hard…. i…..never…was a girl scout.

  3. valerie Says:

    i was a girl scout and my uniforms were hideous! she looks almost glamorous in the first picture! thanks for sharing…nostalgia! xo

  4. Johanna Says:

    Maybe, we dont where uniforms because the clothes are supposed to be wearable and cmfy when being in the nature? I understand that it is cute from an vintage kind of view:) But wearing a skirt while trekking, climbing, sailing, canoeing? Sometimes more variables than fashion matters…

  5. Vanessa Says:

    My uniforms when I was a girl scout where hideous-made completely of polyester. The photo above is stunning as both a uniform and great fall outfit.

  6. Jóna Says:

    i agree with you, to a certain point. i am actually on the look out for new nice scout uniforms, our scout association is about to buy new scout uniforms, and now i want there to be a boy model and a girl model, until now we have only had one model, and the girls look hideous wearing those. so i´m looking for uniforms that are both practical and look nice. but that seem to be impossible i have not seen any nice looking uniforms yet, except for some vintage ones. it is pretty sad

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