Food Inc

Go see this film Food Inc! I just went to see this and was surprised by how much I didn’t even know about, especially when I consider myself to be fairly conscious of my food and environment. Even if you don’t live in the US, it’s still really important to see what’s happening to our food here, and to help prevent it from spreading to other parts of the world. Especially in France, it might help to prevent the ban on genetically modified seeds from being lifted.
Also while on this topic, check out Eco Trip, it’s entertaining and fascinating to see what goes into making things and their large scale impact.

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  1. kirstine Says:

    I’ve never seen this show before, but am lucky enough to have the channel.
    I just watched every clip, and what an educational show it seems to be.
    …next Tuesday at 9, I will be there.

  2. Jordana Says:

    If you’re very interested in this movie and more like it, I recommend that you also watch the Future of Food, The Genetic Conspiracy About Monsanto, The World According to Monsanto, and King Corn (among others!). All of these can be found online. The extent of the reaches of Agrimonsters like Monsanto is worldwide and mindboggling, and the more people that become informed, the better– since GMOs aren’t labelled and we have to know our info in order to make the best decisions for our bodies. When something is “All Natural” it doesn’t always mean it’s good for you, because of bs “substantial equivilance” laws.

  3. asusanto Says:

    I should go and take a peek at it….:-)

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