Isabella Rossellini's Sex in the Sea

Sundance Chanel Green porno Isabella Rossellini

After seeing Eco Trip I discovered another amazing show by Isabella Rossellini, there is never usually much tv in my life but these are only 2 minutes long and you can watch them online. They’re a little bizarre but this show has amazing sets and costumes, and is a pretty funny production.

5 Responses to “Isabella Rossellini's Sex in the Sea”

  1. carissa Says:

    Oh i love this show. I saw it on On Demand one time. they’re so informative and I love how she dresses up too!

  2. Julia Cheiffetz Says:

    and look out for the book adaptation of Green Porno. Coming to a bookstore near you this Sept:

  3. alice Says:

    I love these films and love Isabella!!! I don’t know the season 2 but loved the one with the bee from season 1!

  4. ivane Says:

    haha i watch this frequently on the sundance channel. They are on ON DEMAND as well for those who have cable. 🙂

  5. michelle Says:

    I was listening to her old duet w/the Tindersticks the other day and thinking about all the cool stuff she’s done thus far. love her!

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