more style from tokyo

style from tokyo

can’t wait to go there someday and see the craziness in person.
photos from sft

6 Responses to “more style from tokyo”

  1. kirstine Says:

    ah yes. The whole lolita trend is insane.
    My friend is obsessed with that crazy nail trend.
    cupcakes, kitties, and rainbows all on one nail.

  2. kelly Says:

    Oh yes me too! I’ve been wanting to go ever since I can remember.

  3. Amy Nguyen Says:

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  4. seesaw designs Says:

    ditto, can’t wait to go there…

  5. ivane Says:

    And I, as well. Have you heard of Cosplay? It’s short for “Costume Role-play” and it’s an immense gathering of people who dress up as anime, video-game, comic book characters..etc. Their culture in fashion is so interesting.

  6. Hanna Says:

    Tokyo citizens seem HUNGRY for more style. Love it! That city is always such an inspiration and a dream for travels.

    I’m running a contest on my blog and there’s a clutch to be won. Check it out!

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