streamers + dresses + heels..

paper streamers

so insanely busy this week finishing up everything for our party this weekend(wedding party but it feels really strange calling it that)… so I’m off for the rest of the week or I will never finish sewing my dress together! image from somewhere like fine little day maybe?.. have a great weekend! anyone looking for flag necklaces there will be more up for sale next week.

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  1. Aurora Says:

    Paper installation for B-butik, July 2008. Made by Elina Minn & Anna Virtanen 🙂

  2. Cheri Says:

    wow! thanks for the link i never saw those pictures of it or knew exactly what it was from.

  3. Aurora Says:

    Elina’s illustrations and collages are also a treat…you’re welcome!

  4. theaxx Says:

    Oh man, it’s so cool that you’re making a dress for it! Can’t wait to see what you make!!!



  5. joanna goddard Says:

    oh LOVE the streamers!

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